A lot has been changing this past week! Good and bad things. I’ve been getting really excited about fall, decorating the house and making fall playlists and just feeling generally cozy. There are at least three fall candles in every room. Also, I got a kitten. I’ve been trying to adopt one for a littleContinue reading “stress.”

big things.

So it’s been a few days since I’ve posted anything! There’s been sort of a lot going on—not like actual things going on, but a lot of emotional struggles and changes and that sort of thing, and I just haven’t really been in a headspace where writing about it on here would’ve helped. But nowContinue reading “big things.”

stress & bad feelings.

So it hit me yesterday just how much freakin’ work I still have to do. Late in the afternoon on Saturday, I started feeling super sad and upset and just kind of blah for no clear reason, and when I woke up yesterday morning the feeling hadn’t gone away. I practiced yoga and meditated andContinue reading “stress & bad feelings.”

june 20th.

June 20th. Twelve weeks ago tomorrow. It’s strange to think about the time before June 20th, because it’s hard reconcile the person I am now with the person I was then. It’s hard to think about the choices I made for myself, because I can’t imagine making a lot of them now. June 20th isContinue reading “june 20th.”


A quick tip from me before I go to bed: tidy up your space before calling it a night. It can feel like the most unpleasant thing in the world at first, but nothing is worse than waking up to a mess. And on the flip side, nothing feels better than waking up to aContinue reading “cleaning.”


Keeping up my routines has felt like a little bit of a struggle for the past week. I’m good about the mornings, but it’s been extra difficult to do my full evening routine. In particular, I haven’t done yin yoga in about a week, or any before-bed yoga or stretching. And usually I read aContinue reading “balance.”


Pinned to the wall above the left corner of my desk is a set of two photos glued to a sheet of dark green construction paper. The photos are of me when I was a baby, younger than a year in one of them, maybe just over a year in the second. On the otherContinue reading “writer.”


WOW. The last three days have been nothing but pure chaos. But finally, today, the chaos has abated. Everything is unpacked and organize, all of our new furniture is build, and the only packages I’m waiting on are throw blankets and print hangers and other cutesy type things. There’s definitely still a lot to do,Continue reading “wow.”


It’s been an insanely busy day. I’ve been finishing up all my packing and finally got to see my new apartment. Because of COVID, I never actually got to see the inside in person, which is obviously risky, and finally seeing led to a lot of little projects that’ll have to happen over the nextContinue reading “today.”