A lot has been changing this past week! Good and bad things. I’ve been getting really excited about fall, decorating the house and making fall playlists and just feeling generally cozy. There are at least three fall candles in every room. Also, I got a kitten. I’ve been trying to adopt one for a littleContinue reading “stress.”

hair cuts & changes.

Here’s a question I’ve been asking myself a lot lately: is this actually a good decision, or am I subconsciously self-destructing? What brought this question on today, you might ask? It’s pretty frivolous, but my hair. Every year around this time, I get the urge to do something drastic to my hair. Four years ago,Continue reading “hair cuts & changes.”

moving & desks.

For the past few days, I’ve been packing up my house, getting ready to move. Moving is always interesting, because it’s somehow the most stressful and most exciting thing at the same time. Thinking about actual moving day fills me with dread and makes me feel like there are weight shackled to my ankles, literallyContinue reading “moving & desks.”