a photo of me living in the
world of yellow fionas.

what’s a yellow fiona?

I’m a professional writer—fiction mostly, with a little bit of poetry and non-fiction, too. But this space isn’t for my professional writing, and it’s not a space for anything I’m planning to get published. This is where I’m going to write about me and my life. It’s basically like my journal, but a little more organized. The biggest reason I’m doing this, really, is because I’ve been making a lot of changes in my life lately. Healing, I guess you could say. So that’s what I’m doing here. Talking about healing, about dealing with hurt and trauma, about growing.

Obviously, my name isn’t yellow fiona (but honestly wouldn’t that be cool?). It’s Nina. Yellow fiona is more of an idea, a state of mind almost. It’s a phrase that feels connected to my most creative self. When I’m writing, I feel like a different person than who I am any other time. I live in the world and lives of the people and places I’m writing about. I’m transported and transformed. I am inside of my creative spark, surrounded by gold shimmering light. I am at the beach, listening to crashing waves. I am in tall grass surrounded by wildflowers. I exist in a place of yellow fionas. Recently, I’ve started bringing that energy into my life all the time. I’m trying to combine my real world with my writing world, to carry that joy with me every moment. So that’s why I named this space yellow fiona, because at its core it’s about joy, and my yellow fiona mind is the most joyful space I’ve ever built for myself.

So let me break down what’s actually going into this space. The plan is to post every day, really just about what’s going on that day. I want to break down my healing process, my routines, my day-to-day life, and the emotions and experiences surrounding all of that. These posts aren’t going to be edited. I’m writing what I’m thinking, and posting it before I can think myself out of it. This is a look right into my head. Enjoy my oversharing.

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