journal #1.

This morning, I filled my first daily journal. I’d started using it on June 20th, and had an entry and list of 10 gratitudes for every single day since then! It feels like my first piece of physical evidence that I’m growing, changing, and healing. And also evidence that I have habits! Good habits! And I built them and am keeping up with them all by myself. It’s crazy because I feel like a completely different human than I was on June 20th. I stopped drinking to excess on June 21st. I hadn’t started meditating yet. I didn’t practice yoga every day yet. I was just beginning to find myself, just beginning to discover that I do have a voice. I can’t even believe how much has changed for me since then.

I still have a lot to get done before the day is over, but tomorrow, I think maybe I’ll write a post going more in depth on how things I’ve changed for me since June 20th. It feels like that version of me is worlds away, and I think it’ll help me to actually examine how far I’ve come. I’ll be back tomorrow, then.

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