Today I spent my time with my friends (the ones who live with me, I’m obviously still quarantining). It was amazing, after such a hectic week, to be able to hang out and reconnect with the people around me. There is no long post today, because it’s the weekend and I chose to dedicate my time to the people around me. Today—and this is certainly not the case every day—the people around me energized me. They recharged me, and reconnected me to myself. My post yesterday was hard to write. I found myself crying my way through some of it. It was a really difficult subject for me to take on with myself. And in the wake of it, and the wake of this past week, I really needed a recharge and a way to reconnect to who I am. Some days, I need to be alone to feel that way. Some days, I need to write to feel that way. But today, it was my people who brought me back to myself. A reminder that there’s not always just one answer or one way of doing things. Allow yourself to be fluid and open, and always, always be gentle with yourself.

Photo of the space that recharges me more than anywhere else (literally any beach anywhere).

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