WOW. The last three days have been nothing but pure chaos. But finally, today, the chaos has abated. Everything is unpacked and organize, all of our new furniture is build, and the only packages I’m waiting on are throw blankets and print hangers and other cutesy type things. There’s definitely still a lot to do, but it’s all long term, piece-by-piece type of things. As of now, everything is good—amazing, even. I am in love with my new apartment. Every single part of it gives me so much joy. I feel so happy and so blessed to be here. This isn’t a real post, just a little update, and a PSA that starting tomorrow I’ll finally be back in my routine, which means actual posts every day again! I’m so excited for things to start to feel normal (and for the tremendous pain that moving out/painting/unpacking/lugging extremely heavy things up multiple staircases has caused all over my body to go away) and to get back into my normal routine. But I just wanted to let you know that everything is fantastic, and that what made the past few days a lot easier was keeping pieces of my routine in mind, but being flexible with them. Like for instance, I meditated, but it was in the afternoon and it was only a three minute guided meditation rather than my usual fifteen to twenty minutes. I journaled a lot, but not always in the morning, and not always three pages. My point is that the last few days were so hectic that I couldn’t keep my usual routine, but I did manage to relax myself by keeping bits and pieces of activities that calm me down in my day.

But the bottom line is that I’m doing amazing, everything is going really well so far, and starting tomorrow I’ll be back! Can’t wait to get back into it—talk to you tomorrow!

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