It’s been an insanely busy day. I’ve been finishing up all my packing and finally got to see my new apartment. Because of COVID, I never actually got to see the inside in person, which is obviously risky, and finally seeing led to a lot of little projects that’ll have to happen over the next couple days, the biggest of which is going to painting some of the rooms. Honestly, today has been a rollercoaster. First seeing the apartment, my initial reaction was to be totally bummed. And I spent about twenty minutes walking around and wallowing in my totally-bummed-ness, because it just didn’t look how I expected it to. But after those twenty minutes, I started seeing all of the things I loved about it. My bedroom windows are gigantic, and there’s definitely going to be room for the huge ass desk I bought myself. The upstairs bathroom is incredible. Completely stunning. I really love the kitchen counters, and the living room is a lot bigger than I expected it to be based on the photos. Once me and my roommates are done with it, it’s going to be a totally beautiful space. It just took me a minute to go from this is not what I expected to it can still be amazing. I have a couple of points here: first of all, that I still have a lot of work to do on myself, considering my first instinct is often times to still be negative. Second, it’s okay that I got all sad about the apartment, because I felt the emotion and then I let it go. And third, that I probably won’t be posting every day this week because I have a lot to do. I love writing and having this space every day has been amazing, but life exists outside of this space, and this week is definitely going to be a reminder of that. I guess I have a fourth point, too, and that point is that it’s okay to break your routines because sometimes life forces you to. So I hope everyone has an amazing week, I hope I’m back posting daily on here by Thursday?? Maybe Friday. There’s so much to do. It hits me all over again every time I think about it. WOW. But I’ll be back soon. Putting in work to make your living space nice is self-care! Remember that!

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